The Disappearing Filipino

How to Avoid Losing Great Talent: The Disappearing Filipino

Have you ever recruited a Filipino employee who looked ideal for the position, only to have them abruptly leave without explanation? You're not by yourself. In this blog post, we'll look into the phenomena of the “Disappearing Filipino” and offer some advice on how to avoid it from happening to you.

Understanding the Disappearing Filipino

The term “Disappearing Filipino” refers to a circumstance in which you recruit a Filipino employee and everything appears to be going well until they abruptly cease showing up for work without warning. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They obtained a more appealing work opportunity elsewhere.
  • They had a negative impression of you throughout the interview but were too shy to express it openly.
  • They were overwhelmed by a work you handed them and had no idea how to ask for assistance.

Effective Communication and Training are Essential

To avoid the “Disappearing Filipino,” maintain clear and open communication with your Filipino employees. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Ascertain that they understand and are comfortable performing the responsibilities you have assigned to them. Make it clear that they are learning and that it is normal for them to make mistakes at first.
  • Encourage them to ask questions and seek assistance as necessary. Make it clear that there are no “dumb questions,” and that you are available to assist them.
  • Provide thorough training for each new task. Screen recordings, PDF manuals, and annotated screenshots are examples of this. A well-trained employee is less likely to become overwhelmed and leave the company.

Identifying and Capitalizing on Your Employee's Skills

Another strategy to avoid the “Disappearing Filipino” is to ensure that you are aware of your employee's genuine skill set. Once you've recruited someone, request a list of their top competencies (excluding English reading and writing). This can assist you avoid assigning jobs to them that they aren't capable of handling and may even uncover talents you weren't aware of.

For example, we employed a video editor who also specialized in 3D design. This unexpected expertise came in handy when a client requested that a logo be converted into a 3D version, and the employee was able to supply an outstanding design. Understanding your employees' strengths allows you to provide work they are confident in, lowering the likelihood of their leaving.

The Value of Trust and Honesty

It is critical to maintain a trusting and honest connection with your Filipino employees. Lying or hiding information can jeopardize your relationship with your employee and vice versa. For instance, we had a “Disappearing Filipino” who was actually on vacation but pretended to have no electricity and internet problems. If the employee had been truthful and sought time off (they had paid vacations avaliable to them), the scenario may have been averted.

To avoid misunderstandings, always highlight the value of trust and honesty to your employees and encourage open communication.

Employers may find it difficult to deal with the “Disappearing Filipino.” However, you may considerably lessen the probability of losing excellent talent by providing efficient communication and training, knowing your employee's skills, and cultivating a trusting and honest relationship. Always be available to your employees and encourage them to ask questions if they are unsure about a task. You can establish a great work atmosphere that keeps your staff interested and devoted in this manner.

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