The First Person You Hire

In this video, we're going to talk about who should be the first person you hire when outsourcing to the Philippines.

So when you start looking at all the different people that you can hire from the Philippines, you start to get overwhelmed with all the choice or the ideas running through your head, what you can do. But for most people, the very first person that you want to hire is usually somebody who's going to do a job for them that needs specifically done.

So, say you need a designer, video editor. So on, that's usually who people go for first. But one of the things that you should really actually consider hiring someone to help you. Get a VA who can get work off your plate, get rid of as many jobs that you possibly can. So one of the exercises that you could do is sit down and write out what is it you actually do each day, every day, do that for a week, get an idea of what you're actually spending your time on and then work out from there.

Oh, what could I actually get a VA to do of all these tasks I do? How can I get rid of the majority of them? That's your aim. You want to reduce the amount of things that you're actually working on so you can are working in so you can work on your business fully. that's one of the things that's going to free up.

Most of your time, it's going to give you more time to think it's going to give you more leeway to do more stuff. And you're going to be able to act quicker on a lot of things, because you know that someone is doing certain tasks for you. That you had to do previously, but now you no longer have to do.

Now. The good thing about this is that it's affordable for most small businesses. Most small businesses are one person on their own. Generally, can't afford to hire someone even part time locally. So, they forget about full time and they're usually snowed under with lots of work to do, but with the Philippines, you've got an opportunity to hire people ranging from.

$350 to $500 a month as a VA. You'd have to look to see which, you know, what level you're looking at, how often you need them. That's full-time prices by the way, part time, if they're really high end. But usually if they're very high end, they're able to do jobs a lot quicker. So, it's kind of like having a full time person who maybe be has to learn tasks on a job, but honestly, once you have sat down and worked out.

Each of the jobs you need done, then worked out, how someone can do them. So that could just be simple as recording yourself, talking, showing them over the tasks that you're doing or supplying screenshots, or just even writing it up if it's very, very short. I would recommend. Doing a video of you speaking while you're showing the task getting done, because that's invaluable.

What you'll find is that your staff will go back and review that video. They'll watch it so they understand they'll take their own notes, but as they start to do the job to go back and then we even pause it screen by screen, just to see how things go and then they will know what to do. You can actually get VAs who there may be not skilled and certain online things.

So, for example, WordPress. I have a VA who updates all WordPress, sites for me now I've got quite a lot of them, but what I get them to do is, I get them to do they full WordPress update I get them to update, all the plugins, and also get the person to when I fill in like a blog, for example. Yeah. Send off them, say, right, can you put that up for me?

Know each of those tasks, very, very straightforward on how to actually do. If you're someone who's used something, like say WordPress a lot and you know how to actually go about doing it, then it's really not that hard to explain at all. You can do that with simple screenshots and it's a really good way of getting additional work off you.

Now, for me, it's very, very important for security that. The plugins are updated on a weekly basis, or that's something that I used to do before used to do it for a lot of websites so it took up a lot of time, but I got a VA to do it. Suddenly. I found that I had an extra couple of hours every single week. Now that it's actually quite substantial in the long run, because then what you end up finding is, Oh, well actually they can do this task.

And that task can be given to someone. And before, you know it, these are off your plate and you've more time to work on your business. Now for the majority of people though when they go to hire someone, it's always with a specific thing in mind. So for example, Oh yeah. I need someone to help me with my graphics.

I need a video editor; I need someone for social media. I need a programmer, etc. Now by all means hire them and get them as well. But, If I was looking at it now, I'd probably organize myself better and get the VA first. I ended up doing is started off with two backend programmers. Then I got graphic designer.

Then I got a video editor then I got front end developer. And before I knew it, I was like, wow, I'm doing a lot of stuff, doing a lot more stuff and I thought. Hang on a minute. There's a lot of day to day tasks that I'm doing that I could pass off to someone else. And that's when I got my first VA and getting VA to help you do these, additional things.

It's amazing. It's just like having extra time to yourself to actually be able to go wow I can actually get through my work each day. and. It's a, basically what it ends up doing to you is it frees up so much time that you actually get a chance to think about your business.

You actually get a chance to come up with stuff. Now, obviously you can fill up those times with more things to do. I would advise against that I would more, I would look at, how you can actually get people to do different things for you and make your business profitable. Because what you'll often find is that most small businesses, you're the one who drives the sales.

You're the one who drives the idea and the marketing and so on. And yes, you can get people to help you have a sale. Yes. You get people to tell your marketing, but I tend to find that people want to speak to the person who owns the business when they're wanting to place sales and so on. So, you can, you can still front that, you can still do that.

And then pass off all the extra admin work and all the other stuff to your VA to do for you. So, when looking at staff to hire it obviously depends on which way you're going. If you can't generally afford it to begin with. So to say have a VA and then have a specific role filed, yes go for the specific role, but once you start to make some money from it, Look at getting, someone to help you.

That's the only way forward, in any business, as far as I can see, because one person can only do one person amount of stuff, but two people couldn't do a lot more and so on and so on, and this is one of the best routes to go about getting it. It doesn't take that long to work out what you actually do.

And then to sit down and work out what you can give away, which by the way is going to be. The majority of the stuff that you do, sure you're going to have some things that you're like, oh no, I really want to do that myself. Or I have to do that yourself. Or for example, they just can't physically do like, for example, visit clients, not anyone's doing that now, but if you.

Get those things narrowed down and work out what you can actually give to a VA you're going to fill up a lot of your time. So definitely consider that first before you go and hire someone for a specific job. But if you do have to hire someone for a specific job of first, once you're starting to earn enough money, definitely a look at getting a VA.

Especially, a full-time VA. Who'll do different stuff for you before, you know it the will be posting on your social media for you, which is something that I get done a lot with Twitter or Facebook and so on. My VA posts on my behalf, which is absolutely brilliant. so yeah, that's one thing to consider.

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