How Can I Hire an Online Worker from the Philippines

If you're thinking, how can I hire an online worker from the Philippines?

Then this is a video for you. Stay tuned and I'm going to explain what you do.

Okay, so you want to hire someone from the Philippines and you're not quite sure how to go about doing it. So first off, I'm going to start off by saying if you're not wanting to watch the rest of the video, then you're going to make a huge mistake. But the Link's going to be in the description. You can go onto and you'll be able to find one of the best places in the Philippines to hire people online.

That being said. This is some of the things that I think you should consider before you hire someone from the Philippines. Now, there is lots of ways to approach hiring. Some are from the Philippines. There's lots of jobs that you can do, but the first job I think you should try and sort out is how can you get someone to help you.

Free up more of your time. So, you are working more on your business instead of in your business. Quite frankly, if you're anything like me, when you first started out in business or maybe you're doing it right now, is that you are working in and on your business and you literally don't have the time to do most of the things you want to do.

That will actually help you grow your business. And the quickest and best way, I found to get yourself into the position where you're working on instead of in your business. Is to find tasks that you can give away to other people, to do our jobs that you need done, that other people can do for you. So for example, if you have a repetitive job or something that you know you just have to do and it's has to be done on a regular basis, if you can write it down, which is the majority of jobs, by the way, if you can actually write it down into some sort of procedure, then you can give that job away.

No, there's several ways of going about it. For example, you could, for instance, write up a word document and how you actually do the process, include screenshots and so on. You could record a video of showing someone how you actually do the job and how you want it done. That's a very good way of doing it because its visualization shows them what's going on.

Then you can play it over and over and they can also stop at different sections and follow along with what you're doing. So, amongst some of the first tasks. When I got a VA and to do different things that I got rid of was simple things. So, there's this particular VA, I was looking for someone who could deal with updating WordPress for me, because I've got lots and lots and lots and lots of sites based on WordPress.

I've got lots of sites that are not based in WordPress at all, but the ones based on WordPress, they have to be checked on a regular basis for updates and so on. So, if there's a new security patches or if plugins need updated and so on. And that's something I used to say. And go round and round and do, yes.

Absolutely mental its over 50 websites who are running on WordPress. So, checking that was taking up. Loads and loads of my time it was something that's still important to do because you don't want your websites having a security breach because you're running out of date software. So, what I done was simply showed the process of how you go about updating the plugins and so on.

On a WordPress, site, give the virtual assistant admin access to the backend of it, and away they went and what you simply do, there is, you have them do the first time you check over what they've done, if it's all done correctly. Get them to do another one, check that it's all done correctly. Get them to do another one check that if it's all done correctly again third time, then leave them to it.

That's it. You know, obviously occasionally check in on the work that's getting done. Make sure that, you know, like you get a report each day saying, Oh, I've done the following things and so on, and you can click and have a look yourself. So why I usually do is I have them cut and paste, in the website with the WP admin address on it, so I can just quickly click on it and have a look if I want to know.

What you'll find is you'll do that initially, you know, you'll check that quite a lot, and then as time goes along, you'll only check occasionally. So that was one job that I got rid off. So that saved up quite a lot of time, I would estimate, and the region of five hours a week gone. Maybe a little less than that, but still quite unreasonable chunk of time gone of something that I can say they're important to do with your websites is keep them regular, updated.

Now the VA didn't have to have any technical, WordPress experience or anything like that. They just had to be someone who could follow simple instructions and you just show them what to do and as long as it's someone that can follow instructions because this isn't a hard thing for them to do. Then great, away they go and do that.

Another thing, I ended up getting the VA to do it because they were updating the WordPress site I thought. Oh, hang on a minute. You could post my blog posts for me or post the content for me. So again, simply showed them how to do that. It didn't need any technical experience, any special computer experience.

It just had to be able to follow the instructions. And what I had them do was post the blog posts on my behalf, have them setup, the title, put in all the stuff that I needed and then I would go in at the end and simply make it live. Now eventually that got changed to them scheduling it. So, it posts the during UK business time.

Cause that's, I am a UK business so therefore I wanted the blog post appear during the day in the UK and not some random time at two in the morning, but it's just fine for people in different parts of the world. But. That business is a UK business, so it's a little bit odd. So you just get them to schedule it and then that's what happens.

So suddenly, you know, I'm still writing the blog posts and I've had my VA write some blog posts in the past ah, which I then fix up to get it to the standard that I want to be saying. The thing that I want to say, but, as time has went on, it's been less and less stuff needs to get fixed up with that.

But again, it saves quite a bit of time. Suddenly a job where. You had to do it all yourself. Now you don't have to do certain parts of it. So then followed on from that was I went to them to do the tweet about it on Facebook post about it also have the any blog posts, needed, images and so-on. I had them organized.

They would get it via my company Bee All Design and they would just request it from the designers. Now again, good thing about any process you set up is that once you set up the, you know what you're looking for, roughly the sizes and so on. They can just follow a system and get these things ordered know because it's a dedicated designer doing the actual images and so on for the blog post, then I know there's going to be a very high quality, and don't get me wrong, my VA has some Photoshop skills, but they are not at the level of quality high end designs.

What I am looking for I am trying to portray an image on this stuff that I do at a high quality. So therefore, it's important for me that a dedicated designer does that, but this is how your VA's can also interact with each other. She can request stuff through discord, but what I do is get her to request it through.

The control panel for Bee All Design so that we can actually see all the work stacking up and see what order it's done and the times it's done. So, if I went to go in and change something, for example, and push something forward, I can just change the priority on it. So yeah, so that's one of the ways of looking at, you know, hiring a member of staff is, well, what can I get off my plate?

What can I remove? Especially if you're small business who've got limited money and limited resources, well, actually the best thing you can do for your business is. Get more time working on it and not just stuck in there working on the day to day. Because when you get a chance, freedom to actually work on your business, you start coming up with new ideas and new ways to grow your business and get new customers in and start to expand the thing as opposed to just doing all the jobs as come now with, VA's, for example, you can pretty much train them up to do anything that you can do.

You know, there's nothing that you could say go, Oh, well that's off limits. That's too hard. Or, you know. Obviously, if it can't be followed in a straightforward system, then it's going to be a little bit more tricky, right? But most jobs are most jobs. You will find that if you can systemize them, the only will help you for future employees and future people doing tasks as well, because you can just handed them, say, here, this is how you do it.

This is how the person's done it before and even with your VA's you can actually have them. Write up the process with you, you know, so you can show them or initially get them in there and can let them ask you questions and so on, but then they can actually work out a way to train other people to do it, which is really good with you moving to the point where you want to have more members of staff.

So yeah, it's definitely something to really consider. Right. And one of the big mistake I see all the time as people trying to hire someone that can do everything, honestly, you can't even do that with. British staff or American staff or so on. They don't exist. People that do everything are genuinely the people who are running a business.

You know they are the people who are like, you know, they know lots of different stuff. They're not a master or of anything specifically. Or maybe they know one or two things and that's what their business is built around, but they end up having to learn lots of different things to make the business work.

Well, members of staff, that's not what they're interested. Then they are hired. Usually to do a specific job, whether it be content writing, design, video editing or so on, hire people for strength that are good at. Now that doesn't mean you can't get them to do other things or they're good at other stuff. Like for example, I've got a video editor who is very good at 3D design so.

He helps my son out with dose Roblox and as he's on YouTube channel Fraser2TheMax check it out. But my son does some things for Roblox and he needs a 3D artist. And that just so happens that the video editor. That he's got for editing his videos happened to be good at 3D, and it's just one of those coincidences.

He wasn't, wasn't hired for that reason. He was hired to be a video editor, but we get him to do the odd 3D work. So that's really good. And the same with like the video editor who I've got on Outsourcing Boss. He's a really good graphic designer. And works on some of the Bee All Design stuff. Now, as these videos go on, and as they do more and more of them, you probably wouldn't have any time for Bee All Design, but you know, this is what I'm trying to say is that look, hire someone for some specific, yes, they can probably do other stuff as well, but don't hire someone that just.

You know, Oh, I want to do this, that, this, that, this. It's just not going to work out for you. It's not going to work it for them. They are going to be burnt out and gone within seconds and you know you're not going to get the experience from it, and you're probably going to think, Oh, well I hired someone to do, and then you list off about, five different things that no one person that you know actually can do and then go, Oh, well that didn't really work out.

I'm really not happy. I'll even tell you. That's right. One of the VA's I had I employee them in a business, just as, someone decided to leave. So I employed them that day and the following day the person's leaving their job and it just went, Oh, there it goes to the person who is supposed to be training that person to help them and their role and now that person's gone.

So that really caused the problem and I had to then suddenly spend more time. Training up the new member of staff to bring them up to speed on what's going on, which I didn't really want to do that way, but we had nothing in place before with no systems to just hand. People say, here, here's how you do this.

Go ahead and do that. So, one of the things I've got that VA to do is make systems for future staff or future employees, and it's turned out to be really, really good. So, yeah. So definitely keep that in mind. You know, hire for specific jobs, get things taken off your plate, make your life easier so you can be working on your business and bringing in more money and more customers and more clients, and that will really help you, especially if you're small business.

It's scary hiring the first person from abroad, especially if you've never dealt with online workers before, but the success of it's going to be down to you if you've got no time to train, no time to give them instructions, no time to actually help them start working with you. Then you are not going to have a positive experience.

It's going to be bad. You're going to have to set some time aside. Now even if you get a couple of tasks removed from your plate that say free up maybe 10 hours a week, then ok fine, you've hired them for 40 hours. You've got a full-time employee for forty hours that is only doing 10 hours a week.

That's 10 hours a week, right? That have been taken off your plate. Just no free up, loads of time, that pay for that person three times over and more. Right? Then as you start to add a lot of tasks and stuff to them, you're going to think, wow, this is absolutely amazing. Don't get caught up in the fact that they're only working 10 hours a week to start with.

That's your fault. That's your problem, because you haven't given them enough work to do, so yeah, spend a bit of time, get some work planed out, get some systems in place. Honestly, you'll have fantastic time with your employee. Now, if you're interested in employing some from the Philippines. Link down below that will give you the link to one of the best places to hire people from the Philippines.

I'm constantly checking out the market and what's going on with people who to hire and so on, so I found it to be really good. Once you get that initial contact with the VA sorted out, you take them away and you pay them in your own pace and your own style and stuff like that. There's no extra cost, to pay so definitely check out links in the description Outsourcing Boss, and you'll see how to hire someone from the Philippines.

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