How Much Does it Cost to Hire Employees in the Philippines

How much does it cost to hire employees from the Philippines? Find out in this video.

Okay. So, it's dependent on the task, what it actually costs to hire someone from the Philippines, obviously. So virtual assistants are more common than see backend developers. So, a backend developer typically would start at something around the region of 40,000 pesos. Whereas a VA would be somewhere around the region of 20,000 pesos so, almost half.

Now when it comes to graphic designers, they are again, a very common in the Philippines or the starting range for them is roundabout 20,000 pesos as well. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to give you a rough idea of the pricing. Based in US dollars. But to give an example, 20,000 pesos is about 305 UK pounds, or is about 390 US dollars.

What it is, I'm going to look to my left here because I've written some down, but this is a typical values of employees from the Philippines. In dollars is something around the region. Programmers full-time rate, you're looking at starting rate of $550 up to $1300. Now keep in mind it's very, varied.

If someone's fresh out of university or college is a new programmer, has got very little portfolio, very little experience, and so on they're going to be down at the lower end. Okay. If someone's been working at, say, six, seven years has high experience and so on. They're going to be a higher level of what you pay, just exactly like it is in the UK or USA and Australia. The more experienced someone's got, the more value that they can charge and so on, but the more value you should get out of them because someone with a lot of experience can do a job that will take someone who's brand new at three hours, they could do it in an hour. So that kind of gives you an idea of the different values of paying, but just because you're paying the highest price doesn't mean you're getting the best programmer or anything like that.

You have to do interviews, you have to check out what's going on with them, have a real research of the background to realize what they're actually doing. So that gives you an idea about programmers. Designers, they can started about $400 and go all the way up to about a thousand dollars a month. Again, all of the experience, all about what they actually know.

If they have learnt all the Adobe programs from illustrator, photoshop, InDesign, etc, then of course they're going to cost you more money, especially if they've got a lot of experience and graphical design and a lot of different areas. They what have found, I've got a graphic design company called Bee All Design.

We've got teams of designers who, you know, they all have general design ability, but we've got specialist designers in the company as well. People who are very good at specific things. Be it illustrations, 3D design, logos, etc. We've got different people who are specialists in different things so that allows people who want to outsource designers, for example, maybe don't need a full-time designer, or even if they did need a full-time team of designers, they can outsource to my company, Bee All Design, link is going to be in the description for it to and with that ability to outsource design work. To a team. It means that you're not having to worry about hiring somebody who is a specialist in something that maybe you only have a calling for once in a blue moon. You know, you've just stand up the same work, but Oh, I need somebody who's very good at doing illustrations, or I need somebody who's very good 3D.

Work or so on, we've got that covered at Bee All Design, because I've been hiring people for different design jobs and we'll always try and match the person who's best. For the job that comes in. But if it's just a general job and know general set up thing that any designer can do, anybody who's got years of college experience or years of work experience doing it, then you know, you'll find that majority of designers can do it.

But we do have some people who are specialists in setting up magazines, newsletters, that kind of thing as well. So, if get interested in outsourcing your design work. Check out it's one of the companies I own. So have a look at it. And if you're serious about outsourcing design work, there's probably the best way to do it because you're not relying on one person.

You've got several people, and you've got people with definitely levels of talent as well, and definitely degrees of different things that you can do. So, you can, you know, shop. The best person for the job that you want. We will obviously try and put in the best person for it, but when it comes to say things a like logo design, generally speaking, you'll get between two and four of our.

Designers will give you the input of what they think and then you can just go with the one that you think is best. Or you can go with the elements from different ones that you think are best and you can keep asking, keep asking for changes and so on. It's unlimited amount of changes until you get the design that you're actually looking for.

So check it out anyway, onto the other stuff. So, SEO specialist, again, you're looking at a price point about, $400 to $1,000 a month. Social media experts, they'll start lower, so they're generally between $300 and $600 a month. Now by social media experts, they are. What they're meaning by that is people who can post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Who will reply to messages, who can deal with any of this stuff that comes up from generally running pages and groups and so on. Sometimes have, especially the ones at the higher price have some element of Facebook Ad experience, for example. But I would say that you're looking for somebody who's got specific marketing for that kind of thing, and they're generally a lot more expensive.

So as something I actually looking at, just knows, I'm looking for someone who is good at Google ads and good at Facebook ads. So, I'll be going through that process and I'll probably be sharing. What happens or what happened and video's coming up. Okay. So a virtual assistant can range in price again from $300 up to $800 it all depends on what your virtual assistant is doing because a virtual assistant can run a whole gamut of different things, genuinely speaking, or most people hire VA's for product listings, for customer service, for general tasks.

Usually the tasks are repetitive as in nature as well, so they are siting doing them on a daily basis. The prices do vary very greatly. You will expect to pay more money for people who've got more experience, especially if they've got experience of specialist software or a specialist website. You know, like for example, estate agent listings is something that's usually a VA's.

People look for VA's for doing that kind of thing. And they generally speaking, you know, if they've had experience of doing it for several years with someone else, they will be looking for more money. Like everything in life. You know, when you start off, you have to accept jobs that have got less money because you need to get the portfolio and you start building up.

Know what I would say is if you hire someone, the lower range and the start to skill up and start to learn more things as they go along with you. You know, hopefully they're enjoying working with you. So hopefully you've got their loyalty angle from that point. But you also have to remember they're more skilled they get or better they get different jobs.

You have to increase their pay. So yearly pay reviews is a must. You know, you'd really want to look at increasing that, but also spot bonuses are the odd, you know, even just saying, good job, well done. I really enjoy what you've done there. And so on. Give him praise for the work is a small bonus, but ultimately everybody has to eat.

Everybody has to rent or have a place to live. So, you know, money is the thing that talks, and you do have to build in the fact that yes, you hired a VA, this year it was 20,000 pesos, but maybe next year it costs you 5% or 10% more, but build that in, keep that in to account. You know, inflation happens, you know?

Yes, those things are a lot, lot cheaper in the Philippines, but there's a lot of things that are similar in price. So. Keep that in mind when you're hiring people. One thing you will find, or at least I've found anyway, when looking for it as that because Apple products aren't as widely penetrated in the Philippines, people just don't have Macs.

Middle class Filipinos do, not all of them, but when it comes to programmers, when you're looking for somebody who's an app developer, for example, you will find the prices are a lot higher, and that's simply a supply and demand. You know, the demand is high, the supply is low. The Filipinos that have got experience in building apps for Android or especially Apple, are more expensive.

So, keep that in mind. Even at the cheaper range are cheaper, or the people who've got less experience and are cheaper are more expensive than your average Filipino. So the stuff like that you do have to keep in mind, but as you see, if you go onto my website outsourcing boss, I've got a link. Hi to hire from the Philippines.

I will take you to the best website for hiring Filipinos. Just now you can hunt around shopper and look for different people. Post your, job ad. Even you don't get people to apply for the job as well cause there's lots of people listed. Don't just look for people listed and go, Oh, that sounds like a great person.

I'll write, invite them for the job because they may already have another job and they just didn't update their listing on the actual. Website to say that they are now full, you know, they now got full-time employment. So, if you want the maximum amount of people applying for jobs, then post a listing on the website and see what comes in.

But that's roughly the pricing of what you're looking at. I mean, UK wise, I'm really happy with the prices that I'm paying. So virtual assistants, designers, roughly about £300 to £400 pounds. Developers are in the region of £450 to £600 pounds a month, which is amazing value for money, and you're not getting someone who's crap.

You're not getting someone who's like, you know, Oh, really, really slow or really, really poor at doing the job. You're hiring someone as good at the job and you know, it's like a lot of the work, all of what you get is based on your level and your ability to actually communicate what you want and understand what it is you actually need.

So, if you went onto my website, you'll see one of the websites has been produced by a team. So that's a designer, front end developer, two backend developers are all involved in that process to come up with the system and come up with the site that we actually have. Now, I'm obviously involved in the project management and you know what I actually want to see, because I've experienced in using these kinds of services, so I wanted to make sure and get the best out of it, if you like this video and you find it helpful, please hit the like button.

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