How to Deal with Holidays and Sick Pay with your Filipino Workers

Managing Holidays and Sick Leave for Your Filipino Employees: How to Keep Them Happy and Loyal

As an outsourcing boss, you are well aware that managing a remote team presents its own set of unique issues. One area that is sometimes forgotten is how to handle holidays and sick leave for Filipino employees. In this blog post, we'll review the keys to keeping your crew happy and loyal.

Regular Holidays

Regular holidays in the Philippines include New Year's Day, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Labor Day, Independence Day, National Heroes Day, Bonifacio Day, Christmas Day, Rizal Day, and two holidays around Eid. These are paid days off for your Filipino employees and must be observed. Keep in mind that the dates of the Eid holidays are released close to the actual events. Keep an eye out for those.

Bank Holidays and Flexibility

Consider allowing your employees to “bank” their vacation days to fit their preferences and family obligations. This means individuals can opt to work on a particular holiday and save the day off for a more convenient time.

Extra Holidays and Birthday Perks

Go the extra mile by providing your employees with additional paid time off. Consider offering them ten more days in addition to their birthday as a paid holiday. This equates to around a month of paid time off for your full-time Filipino employees, a competitive offer that will attract and keep top personnel.

Sick Leave and Extenuating Circumstances

Allow your employees to use one of their vacation days instead of taking a day off without pay for sick days. Demonstrating sympathy and continuing to pay your employees in extreme circumstances or serious medical issues is critical. This will instill a strong sense of loyalty and appreciation in your employees.

Flexibility with Appointments and Errands

Flexible working hours may help minimize the days your employees need to take off. Allow them to make up the time if they have a doctor's appointment or need to run an errand during working hours. This adaptability will make your team members feel more supported and valued.

Planning and Communication

Encourage your employees to disclose their vacation and vacation plans as far in advance as feasible. This will allow you to stay organized while ensuring your other outsourced workers can cover their jobs while away.

Treating Online Workers with Respect

Treating your online Filipino workers with the same respect and rights as any other employee is critical. Offering benefits like paid time off is not only the moral thing to do but also a wise economic move that can help you recruit and retain top employees.


Managing your Filipino employees' vacation and sick leave is critical to running a successful outsourced firm. You'll build a supportive work atmosphere that will keep your staff happy, loyal, and productive by providing competitive perks, encouraging open communication, and enabling flexibility. So, show your workforce that you care by implementing these techniques to help your outsourced business succeed even more.