How to Outsource Graphic Design Work with Bee All Design

In this video, I'm going to show you how to outsource your graphic design work with Bee All Design.

Okay. Before I get started in this video, I want to explain that I own This is one of my companies so when I am talking about this and this video. I want to make sure you're fully aware. So, outsourcing graphic design is one of the things that you will eventually come across that you have to do.

Now, whether you're going to be outsourcing for just spot jobs or whether you've got a need for a full time, designer. Or somewhere in the middle where you're looking to hire out. I would highly recommend Bee All Design, well, it's my own company. Obviously, I'm going to recommend it, but seriously, the reason I'm going to recommend it is that we hire several designers.

We've got quite a few designers on our books already, and as the company grows, we'll add more and more to them. And what we do is we hire for people who have general design skills as well as individual specialist design skills be that 3D design, be that illustration, be that setting up newsletters and so on, using InDesign and other programs.

We have different designers who are specialists in different jobs as well as been able to do all the sort of general work. Now if you have a need. For a full team designer who's going to be working on specific projects. Then by all means, go along to click on the link. You'll find one of the best places in the Philippines to hire someone directly who you can take on board as a member of staff to work with you.

However, if you're like most companies who need a graphic design either on a part time basis, or even a full-time basis, but need to have work done regular, and you're looking for someone who's. Going into it. It's a very high standard to the kind of standard that you would see American fortune 500 companies, for example.

Then Bee All Design, where, is one of the services that comes in to take care of that particular part of the niche? Now cost wise. Bee All Design is $299 a month or £239 per month. That's with VAT, so if you're a VAT registered company then it's 20% cheaper than that again, because you can claim the VAT back.

And the good thing about using a graphic design company is that you can literally. Get your designs started from the very get go. So, what I would recommend that anybody starting with Bee All Design, is to come up with a list of things that you want designed. Now if you're going to be getting a new logo or a logo is going to be part of the overall designs.

Then of course, you're going to have to ask for that to get designed first because the logo is going to dictate. The design and the colors and so on of all future work. So, don't start back to front, if you're getting a new logo, or if you need a logo designed for whatever project that we're on, get that done first.

And then what to do is less do all the different jobs. So, everything you need from social media elements. To t-shirts, background images and so on, like for example, on my channel, I've got less designed for YouTube channels, so people see the subscribe button in the background as well to remind them to subscribe to the channel.

But it's all kind of things like that, that basically once you get access to a graphic design company for a flat monthly fee. Were, you can get as much work as he can get done in that time. Now, for example, I would estimate an average. Most people can get something in the region of 10 and 20 items done in a month depending on how fussy they are or how much back and forth they have to do to get.

Exactly what they're looking for. Some people are quite happy with the first design that we do. Other people want to have revision after revision, and I think the longest anyone's ever went for revision is something like 20 plus revisions, and that was a logo, but the person had very, very specific things they wanted to tweak and change.

See and decide on. And they wanted different elements, designed separately so they could make decisions on that. And they wanted them pulled together and basically, they went through a whole design process to come up with the logo that they wanted, and I can completely understand that because if that's going to be your brand.

You know, going forward, you want it to be as best you can. So, Bee All Design is perfect for something like that because you're not sitting there, what are, you know, but the clock going, Oh, this is going to cost any more money. Or, you know, I've only got so many revisions, I have to get this right. You can just keep getting unlimited revisions.

You can keep going back and forward until you actually get what you want. Now, what I will say is that as we start to work with different companies in different clients, we get a feel of the brand and get a feel of what they're doing. In fact, some of our clients have favorite designers, which is something that you can do on Bee All Design as well.

So, while we've got a dedicated team of designers, you can have a dedicated designer working on a specific project. But what I would say is that if you are doing something new or doing something different that maybe that designer didn't do before is that you put it up and let the pool of designers choose, because we are packing who are the best, at doing certain things.

So, for example, if it's 3D work, we've got a 3D artist. If it's illustrating work, we've got two illustrators who are really good at different styles and different genres of illustration. When it comes to different elements and stuff like that, then it's usually best to let us decide, who's the best person for the job?

But if you have a favorite designer, if you have someone who's worked on a job before, then you can request them for that job. Now, obviously, if they have got other jobs in front of them, will be the end of that queue for their jobs, or if they've got holiday coming up, you'll be informed that they are not available, and then you can make a decision.

But this is one of the good things about using a company to outsource graphic design or like can it work? We deal with the hiring. We deal with making sure that everybody is of a good standard. We deal with for the wages and deal with all the different stuff to do with employment. You don't any of that to worry about.

You just simply come in and request what you want. And are we with the job you call now as a monthly service, as I said, $299 or £239 a month, depending which currency you choose or which country you live in. The good thing about it, as with it being a flat rate is that, you know what? Your expenses are going to be month in month out, you don't actually have to stay sign up every single month.

For example, you can sign up for a month and then. You can cancel the package and then come back when you've got more work to do. So, we have a couple of clients, for example, who uses seasonally. So we have people who use us for the different seasons of the year when they want new stuff upgraded for the social media, or they'll plan so much things in advance that they will get them all done, get them ready, and then they'll just simply switch off their account until the next time that more work to do and then turn it back on for the month and just order all the stuff that they need.

As you'll see from the visual elements of this YouTube channel, this has all been designed by Bee All Design designers. Everything from thumbnails, the logo to the header or everything on our social media. So, if you check out a Facebook group, you check out my Twitter and so on, you'll see all the different sort of graphical elements that have been designed.

The great thing about actually having the freedom of having a designer as part of your team by using Bee All Design to form part of your team is that you're free to come up with ideas and come up with new things and just go ahead and say, well, can I have this done? Can I have that done? All forms part of your monthly package.

So, it's a different way of outsourcing. It's not outsourcing as what I talk about in the rest of the channel, which is outsourcing individual employees to join your team. This is outsourcing a specific style of work. To get professionals to do it for you. So, you may be a person who's in a situation where you do not need a full time.

Designer Bee All Design is perfect for you, but equally, if you are in a position where you need a full team designer, we've got packages to suit that right up to the package where we literally do have a designer who's dedicated to you. But again, the good thing about Bee All Design is that we can pull in different designers when a task or when a job is something different from the normal thing that the designer would do.

So yes, to check out. So that's one of my websites. Bee All Design. The link will be in the description for it, so it's have a look, see what you think and sign up. If you liked this video. Give it a like, subscribe to the video and share it with any of your fans, especially if you've got anybody who's new to business or is it.

They just started businesses looking for branding and looking for design. What to get done. Bee All Design is going to be perfect for them. Anyway. Check that out. See you later. Bye.