What Tasks should you Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

What tasks should you delegate to a virtual assistant? In this video, I'm going to give you some ideas and some tips.

Okay. Well, I'm going to start with the obvious thing. Everything you should try and get everything that you can possibly get off your plate onto a virtual assistant to do for you. Try and get them to do it. Now, the way to do that is you're going to want to audit what you actually do on a daily basis yourself for a company, everything from back jobs to little jobs, lots and lots of little jobs like me, like everyone, you will have tons of little jobs.

As well as some, big things that you have to do, some important things. You have to do some things that must be done every single month. Have a look of every single one of these tasks. If you can write it down, if you can do a screen share and record yourself telling someone what to do and you can follow those instructions, then that is a job you could give to your virtual assistant.

Now, you want to really, really, really be ruthless here. You want to say like, you know, if a job takes. Three, five, ten minutes for you to do. You may be thinking, Oh, you know what? It's going to take me 15 minutes to explain what to do. I'll just not bother. But if you're doing that job every day or every week or every month, right, it's worth your while to spend a bit of time to write it down or to screen-share or just simply to record yourself doing it and talking while you're recording your screen and saying, this is what I need you to do.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and get off your plate. Once you got off your plate, another thing gone, it's going to get done for you, and then you'll suddenly find you'll have tons more time to work on your business. Honestly, it's unbelievably freeing the amount of things that you can do. I mean, like.

There's things that I can do now that I didn't think I could ever do in the past because I can get a virtual assistant to do them. Now, obviously, I've got virtual assistants that are graphic designers or video editors are backend programmers or front-end programmers and so on, but having all them.

Allows me to come up with ideas and things to say and do and get it done. It's amazing, and that's all because of managed to clear off all the tasks or the little things and big things that I've been having to do myself, to virtual assistants, to get them to do it for me, so then I can spend more time thinking of what do I want to do next?

What's the next big thing I wouldn't be doing this channel, for example. If I didn't actually have virtual assistants and also other Filipino staff to work with me, I just wouldn't have the time. So yeah, think about what you can actually get done from the littlest thing to the big things, especially repetitive things.

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