Why I Hire People from The Philippines

Want to know why I hire people from the Philippines?

Stay tuned and I'll explain some of the advantages you'll get from hiring a fantastic Filipino worker.


I thought I would start my videos by explaining why I hire people from the Philippines. Now, the number one reason why most people hire from the Philippines is the cost. You will get a high quality, educated worker for a lower cost than you would find most other places, and they're really good at the tasks you set them.

I've hired graphic designers, video editors. I have admin staff; I have developers, front and back-end. Honestly, the amount of things that you can hire from the Philippines is amazing and you can get it for a very low cost, and I'm going to explain in my videos how you can go about doing that as well.


Now communication is a really important issue in regard to outsourcing, and the great thing about the Philippines is that the majority of people that you will outsource.

Actually, speak English. English is something that's taught in school. It's something that people must know when they go to college and university. Now, the official language of the Philippines is Tagalog. However, English, like I said, is very widely spoken, and you will find that a lot of people understand can read and write in English a very high degree and did many members of my staff have a very high proficiency of not only reading and writing but also actually speaking English, which is really, really helpful when it comes to outsourcing.


Education is very important in the Philippines. It's one of the roots of poverty for people in the Philippines, and therefore you will find people with skill sets from all kinds of sectors.

Everything you can think of that can be done in a university is getting done in the Philippines, an extremely high standard. Did you know that the Philippines is one of the biggest exports of nurses around the world? Well, I didn't know that until I started looking into the Philippines, but it kind of makes sense. They are very caring and nice people.

One of the great things about the fact that there's so many people in the Philippines and so many of them aim for education, is that you will find skilled, trained people in all kinds of fields.


Now the culture of the Philippines is quite interesting for me because I live in Spain. I'm from Britain originally. One of the things that found quite interesting was that the Spanish ruled over the Philippines from the 16th to the 19th century when they lost it, and the American or the Spanish American war to the Americans and Americans ruled over it from the late 19th century. To the middle of the 20th century, giving the Philippines its independence in 1946, I believe it was. I know this isn't a history channel, but I thought it was important to explain because basically one of the interesting things I find is that a lot of my staff have either Spanish or American style names mostly Spanish, actually quite a lot of Spanish names and most of the areas that people live in round about, are actually named after Spanish areas round about where I live in Spain. I find that part quite interesting, but the reason I'm bringing this up is that we have quite a shared culture and Filipinos share quite a lot of culture with the Western countries. For example, the Philippines is quite a well-known Christian nation in Asia, it's the only one as far as I know and so what makes that quite interesting is that because the majority of them are Roman Catholic, they share similar holidays to ourselves. Christmas and Easter being the main big ones in the Philippines, Easter, important. Christmas, very important. This is the time of year, and you'll find a lot of your staff take holidays to go meet family and friends and so on because it's such a big deal.

But that brings in quite a good plus point for a lot of Western businesses who hire Filipinos, they'll tend to take their holidays and they tend to have their official holidays on days that coincide with days in our calendar. So that makes it really handy when hiring out staff from the Philippines.

Another good thing about the Philippines and the culture is they are quite Americanised, you know, they're into basketball and many things like that.


One thing I wanted to tell you about staff in the Philippines is the loyalty. It's insane. If you are willing to treat your Filipino staff fairly, look after them, give them a full-time job that's going to be a permanent job, then they will reward you with loyalty.

You're not going to be having to find a new member of staff every five seconds. They're not looking over their shoulder looking for the next thing to come along if you treat them well. They all stick with you and you'll have a long, long-time member of staff who you're able to train and show more and more stuff to relax and know that they will not jump ship the first, you know, offer they get.


Apart from loyalty. Filipinos are hardworking. Well, most of them are, you will get the odd lazy one, but if you get lazy one, get rid of them. But yeah, many Filipinos really are hardworking. They want to keep the job. They want to make sure they're doing a good job for you, and basically they're looking for you to hire them for life, and you as an employer are looking for someone that you want to keep.

That you want to hire that you don't want rid off and this is the great thing about most Filipino workers that you get they will try hard. They will work hard, and as long as you give them instructions and explain what they're supposed to do, they will do that job for you. Now, here's an interesting story I thought I would tell you.

One of my websites had an issue on it, and it was late on Friday. I am, I believe it was close to about midnight in the Philippines, and I sent a message off to the developer and said, Hey, got a small problem with the website and people are finding it difficult to do the following thing. Could you have a look at the first chance you get?

Now, I was kind of hoping that, yeah; it is the weekend coming up. Person isn't scheduled to work through the weekend, but maybe they will have a look at out on Saturday, during the day for me. Get it sorted out. If not, it would have to wait till Monday. Well, I couldn't believe it. That very seem night on Friday, close to midnight developer came on had a look at what the issue was, debugged, what the problem was, solved it all within about an hour. And it was like that wasn't even their time to work, sorted it all out, went away. Honestly, I was so happy. I couldn't believe that someone would come do that. Cause I can tell you when you're hiring staff in the UK, etc. If they're working 9 to 5, they work 9 to 5. You will get the odd person who will work on call but and most of the time. That's not going to happen. Now, in this case, it wasn't expected of the developer to come on and do any extra work, but they did, they didn't leave it to Saturday; they didn't leave it to Monday.

It would have been acceptable for me. If they waited till Monday to fix the problem.

But they didn't, and that really made me think. Wow, this is amazing. I am so happy that I've hired this person and I'm so happy I found out about hiring people from the Philippines because honestly; you get a different level of service with a lot of them. Now, if you're unfortunate to get lazy Filipino, and they exist.

Don't keep them, get rid of them, hire someone better. There will be someone better for you. But what I would say is this, make sure it's them and not you. One of the biggest issues that I've come across for people taught, I've taught lots of people about outsourcing. Is that they do not know how to instruct their staff.

They don't know how to give them jobs. In fact, they'd probably don't even have a full resume for full-time member of staff ready when they first hire someone. It's common, but why we'd see as that, talk to them first before you get rid of anyone, try to give them a chance to sort out what the problem is, but make sure it's their problem.

And not you who's being a bit of a rubbish boss so, yeah, Filipinos, hardworking, loyal. Awesome to employee. So, let's talk about how you can go about doing that.

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