Why You Should Not Fire Your Outsourced Staff During This Crisis

In this video, I'm going to be talking about why you should not fire your outsourced staff during this crisis.

Well, what a complete mess the start off 2020 has turned out to become so far. Economy's in meltdown. Everybody's in a lockdown. We're all working from home all of a sudden, and wow. You're like, this is unbelievable. How am I meant to get business done? How am I meant to pay for things during all the craziness going on?

Hopefully you had a business where you have some reserves where you've kept some money aside for this extremely rainy day. In fact, like, this is a hurricane. This is not just that rainy day. Hopefully you have kept some money aside. Now one of the natural things to do in any business during this kind of crisis or any kind of crisis is to cut costs.

Try and see where you can save money and so on. And one of the things you may be looking at is well, do I really need my outsourced staff? Now if you're asking the question, do I really need them. Then you've probably haven't been getting them to do work and getting to do stuff that could actually add value to your company, to allow you to work on it instead of in it, if that's the case, you really need to evaluate that ASAP before you decide to fire the employee.

Because at the end of the day, they didn't lock down to their suffering in the same creases. They've got the same things that are going on. They have to feed their family. They have to get things done, just like you so, you know, I would say to you. Think about it before you, decide to sack someone, try and see what you can do with regards to continue to work with them because this crisis will go, every crisis eventually goes.

And what you don't want to be in the position of is getting rid of your good workers who you then can't hire back because they've got a job with someone else. So, what I would suggest is that you take a look at. You know, obviously take a look at your finances, take a look at what grants or what loans or monies available from the government in your country.

They've given such things. I'm in Spain. They've given some stuff towards workers, but not very much towards self-employed and towards businesses. The UK has done a much better job. Not everybody covered. I know small directors, are having a bit of an issue, especially the ones who've taken small wage and dividend payments, they're not covered at all in the UK, but the majority of businesses do have some sort of coverage where you can furlough employees.

Now, that's only in the UK. That's only for employees who are. UK based employees, not for outsourced staff, but maybe there's some leg room for you to do. Put some people on furlough for a while. Maybe there's a loan that's government back loan that you can get ahold of that we can see you through the crisis. If you like me, I've got an office in Glasgow in Scotland, so.

We are able to claim a grant based on the fact that we've got a rateable office and that we have been renting her the office for quite some time now. And the government is giving every business £10,000 towards the running costs and so on. So, you can keep your office. So, what we've done is we sent

All of our staff who are office-based home with laptops and phones. And one of the really interesting things is that because we were working online, with Filipino staff and we have lots of systems in place for working from home, the Directors from the company who works from home. So, you know, there's nothing new to us, but one of the good things is the, some of the systems and processes that were put in place for the Filipino staff and even by the Filipino staff has allowed our workers from the office who are now.

Finding themselves working from home, they're able to actually go through all that documentation and get stuff done. So that's been pretty good thing. As I say the Filipino staff, they're all working from home, and if you've got any Filipino staff or thinking about any Filipino staff, there'll be working from home too.

So, the lockdown won't affect them as badly. It's not like they have to go to an office and so on. And right now, everybody's going to be really grateful for. Any work that it can get. So, try and explore all avenues. Don't sack your staff yet. Maybe if it's a case of, look, you don't have enough money coming in and so on, and you have to say to them, look, I can pay you the full amount.

Just know. Talk to them. Let them know what's going on. Speak to them about their basic needs and stuff like that. You know, like what their rent is, what the electricity needs and so on are. And see if you could come up with a deal where maybe, I don't know, they're working for your part time for a lesser wage or something along those lines.

That may be something that we'll see you for, because remember, this crisis will be over at some stage and you want to be in a position to be ready to. Get new clients and you know, get the old clients back, get new clients, and maybe even get clients from companies that they'd go to the wall because they had nothing in place and didn't do anything at all.

During this time, there's going to be less work for people to do. So, during that time, you want to build on your systems. You want to fix up things, get processes sorted, get things ready. And so on. So, you become a meaner fighting machine, as they say. But yeah, it would really help if your business, if you can actually start looking at all these things that just sitting at home watching Netflix or going, oh my goodness me, what am I going to do?

Panics, you know, panic should be over. If your sill in panic mode, get out of your system, do something. You know, if you're in lockdown, you're not probably going to be able to go out and do very much but in the house. If it's watch a film, you know, spend a bit of time reading books. Playing games, wherever, it is that gets you to get into that place where like, okay, I panicked, I've had my break.

Now, let's get myself into work and use your Filipino staff or any of your outsourced staff to actually get stuff done in this period. My plan for this period as to build on a couple of websites that we were going to be planning to do or later on in the year. Now, because there's less what to do with have decided to push them forward and get done sooner.

So shortly. I shall be releasing two new businesses soon. I'll let you know about them once they're actually done. But yeah, so the plan is let's get them up. Let's get them ready. Let's get them in place. Let's get the SEO done. Let's get all the things that we need to get in place for a new business let's get that done.

Just know why there's not any clients. And when people. Come back around and decide to start investing in their businesses or start spending money and so on again, then we'll be in a better position. To, actually service those people because we didn't just sit about going, Oh, what will we do? What will we do?

It's just you have to get things done. So, think about it like that. Think about if you can afford that. Obviously if you can't and there's nothing you can do. Then, you know, let your Filipino staff know, explain the situation, please pay them their final wage. At least, you know, get them something. Because remember, they've got family as well.

They've got needs too. It's not just you. It would be good if you, you know, in a situation where you can't afford to pay them fully or continue to have them a job, at least pay them the final wage so that when it's over. If they are still available to work, if they haven't found another job, they'd be more interested in coming back to work for you because you actually treated them well as opposed to just disposing of them and getting rid of them.

There is hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Let me know in the comments. You know what's going on with your business. Is there something that you can do with Filipino staff that maybe in the short-term can get work done for? You know that you've fed lots and some of your staff, you get a cheaper Filipino member staff to allow you to continue to keep the business in place so that way, when you get out of this crisis, when you rehired the staff fully from the furloughed period and so on, that you've got a stronger business and they've been helping you during that time to keep it running.

Because at the end of the day. Business. You know, it's not just about employing people from another country. Here you are a company and your country who's providing tax revenue and so on to your country, and it's made from everything you do. Let's face it, the majority of the money, that you pay on Filipino staff is very, very little compared to what actually is getting made for the company overall.

And for you too. So have a think about what you can actually do in this situation. Anyway, if you liked this video. Give it a like. Subscribe. Let your friends know about the channel. More stuff going on. I'll be uploading every week, so yeah, I'll see you all later. Bye.