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I am Clarke Duncan aka the Outsourcing Boss. My YouTube channel is dedicated to Outsourcing jobs and tasks around the world, either one-off tasks, using a 3rd party company and hiring full or part-time virtual assistants to get things done.

Why Hire Staff from the Philippines?

I have outsourced many tasks to countries all over the world including the USA, Philippines, Spain, India, Pakistan, Canada, Australia, Croatia, Estonia and many more places. The Philippines has been by far the most successful for me in the past two years and is why I am a huge supporter of looking to get full time jobs outsourced to the Philippines. For this the main source of staff I get it from OnlineJobs.ph the great thing about this resource is you can browse hundreds of thousands of highly skilled people looking for work online plus you can post the vacancies you need filling and get hundreds of applicants in a very short period of time.

On my channel you will hear me talk a lot about Outsourcing to the Philippines, it’s been successful for me, this website, the images, logos, the YouTube channel, the video editing are all outsourced to Filipino Virtual Assistants.

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